Now for Engaged and Married

The SYMBIS Assessment was designed by Les and Leslie Parrott, a power couple who have established The Center for healthy Relationships. The Parrotts know a bit about marriage both from academic training and 35 years of marriage. Now, engaged and married couples can learn to understand each other better by taking the SYMBIS Assessment! Understanding is the beginning of better marriage. 


Includes the assessment and three 1-Hour deep dive sessions to 'Unpack' the assessment with certified SYMBIS facilitators Tom and Julie Obenchain!

Invest in Your Relationship!

Great Marriages are Built not Born

SYMBIS Get's You Talking

SYMBIS stands for "Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts." Don't worry if you are already married. Couples married for decades find this assessment helpful in getting started talking about things important to their relationships. Engaged or newly married couples will get a stronger start to their relationships by beginning to talk about differences early, before they become problems. 

  Topics You'll Explore  

> Marriage Mindset

> Self-Concept

> Maturity

> Independence

> Longevity

> Stability/Similarity

> Caution Flags

> Stress

> Cohabitation
> Expectations

> Baggage

> Social Support

> In-Law Relationships

> Cultural Context

> Spiritual Beliefs

> Finances
> Role Expectations

> Personality

> Love

> Sex

> Attitude/Happiness

> Communication

> Gender Gap

> Conflict Management

> Spiritual Intimacy

> Re-Marriage (If Applicable)

> Blended Family (If Applicable)

The Assessment Experience

Here's what to expect as you get ready to take and then unpack your assessment.

After you register, the Obenchains will email a link and a unique couple's code for the assessment. You can take the assessment on a computer, a tablet, or even your smart phone. You'll take the assessment separately without comment or shoulder surfing from your partner (This is key to getting accurate results!). You'll need 30-60 minutes each to complete the assessment. Then, after you both have submitted your assessments, the Obenchains will contact you to schedule your first 1-hour session.


Because the SYMBIS assessment was scientifically designed and can be confusing to 'unpack' by yourselves, The Obenchains have been trained to help couples go through and understand their assessment reports. They will work with you over three sessions to help you start talking about specific parts of your relationship. You'll receive a full copy of your assessment report after your final session with the Obenchains. 


If you live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Obenchains are happy to meet with you face-to-face. Otherwise, you will use a video chat tool (Zoom) to hold your discussions. This option works great for couples that are separated for whatever reason and can't attend together. Assessment meetings are typically held on weekday  afternoons or evenings. If other arrangements are needed, the Obenchains will be happy to find a time that works for you. 


 is the aggregate score for your report. 

Assessment Report

 gets a 15 page custom report to refer to and revisit as needed.

Meet Julie and Tom Obenchain

The Obenchains have been married for more than 30 years. They would even say happily married! But that doesn't mean that they haven't hit a few speed bumps along the way. They are passionate about helping couples care for their marriages throughout their journeys together. They know that clear, compassionate communication is key in making bad marriages better, okay marriages outstanding, and decent marriages delicious! Julie and Tom have 5 Adult children. They live at the foot of Pikes Peak or "America's Mountain" in Colorado Springs. 

Start Moving Towards the Powerful Communication that the SYMBIS Assessment will Start for Your Marriage.

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