If Life is Supposed to be Full of Joy,
Why is Joy So Hard to Find?
(Hint: Maybe You're Looking in the Wrong Places!)

We invite you explore the programs and communities below. Each one teaches women to not only how to find joy but also how to intentionally choose it. 


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Choose Joy
​Many women face significant challenges. Some are stuck feeling like there is no way out of a life of struggle. There will be struggles but you don't have to struggle while frowning. Joy is waiting for you to choose it instead of despair! 


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Reviving the Queen

(Coming Summer 2019)

Reviving the Queen Within helps you break down emotional armor and recognize the negative mental loops that create beliefs of "I am not good enough", "I can't", "If things were different I could..., "My problems are because of..., "My life stinks" and other blocks.


We will work together to help you recognize that many of your struggles are associated with your sense of identity. We will help you see how personality and experience are not weaknesses but part of the amazing person you are. You will learn skills to help you feel real joy, cope with pain, and step into your dynamic strength.

Mountain Mindset for Women
​(Coming Soon!)

To be joyfully resilient in difficult times, women must learn to be at peace like a mountain. Storms blow, rain and snow fall, but the mountain is able to ensure to let its majesty and beauty emerge again as the sun again breaks through. 


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